The Journey: 2-Day Seminar with Brandon Bays


I love to travel this weekend, unlike most others, I was embarking on a journey, but this time it was ‘a journey’ with a difference! Bays, is a personal development guru promotes her practice of […]

Back To ‘Roots’


2000 B.C.E.  Here eat this root. 1000 C.E.    That root is heathen.                   Here, say this prayer. 1850 C.E.    That prayer is superstition.                   Here, drink this potion. 1940 C.E.    That potion is snake oil.                   Here, […]


Holistic Lifestyle

Ying Yang Balance: The Interior Design Imperative

Simply speaking, the Chinese Feng Shui art (pronounced fung shway), is based on balancing the two forces, the Yin and the Yang principles, or the feminine and masculine aspects, in order to create harmony. It goes without saying, but I am about to say it, [...]