If you would like to contribute to HolistiCentre.com, or any of my platforms, by sharing a short article about you as a therapist, your work or treatment, your product, or your methodology, and how can help the reader; or about your book or workshop – something that is inspirational and not just self-promoting; you are welcome to do so.

The idea is to provide content that is of value to the readers helping them to raise their awareness’ and live a holistic life; which can also help promote you and your work. Here are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

Why not write an article about:

  • Why living in the right designed space is important for aiding self-growth.
  • How connecting with animals or pets can help soothe and heal
  • The benefits of Yoga (or any other well-being practice) and how it helped change your life
  • A subject you are passionate about: education, helping children with special needs, raising a family, etc.
  • The effects of colour therapy/art therapy.
  • A life changing experience that you have had.

Submissions guideline:

  • A short article about 500 words or so.
  • Include brief bio at the end (as the author).
  • Your website and links to social media.
  • Any relevant pictures.

I will

  • edit the article,
  • post it, include an images if you do not have any; and
  • send out in my newsletters and promote your contribution across my social platforms.

Here are the links to my magazine group:

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Look forward to hearing from you,

Love and light to you all,