Marriage: 10 Ways To Change Your Mind

Love is not just something that we fall into

Summer is, finally, here. It is also the most popular time for weddings! Whether you are attending or planning a wedding, it is important to remember that a marriage is one of the important acts you might participate in, as you tread the path of personal development.

  1. Love is not something that we just fall into (as the romantic songs suggest). Love is a sacred practice which we get better at it over time!
  1. A marriage is not just about wedding party planning. It’s a marriage (or a merger) that you are preparing for. Take time out to write your own ‘contract’, what you expect and hope to achieve within it.
  1. Marriage is about ‘growing up’ going from being a single person to a married one with a spouse. It is a not only a change, but a transition into a new life cycle, one which you have to prepare for, consider, and become skilful at.
  1. Marriage is about learning to co-navigate, to share, to integrate who you are with another individual. If you think about it, in marriage, two complete and whole individuals with their great potentials and their flaws are merging into a partnership that is beyond any union.
  1. The act of marriage is a “sacred” one – and I don’t mean that in a religious sense; but a personal one. It is the huge commitment to love, honour, and cherish another human for a lifetime. And that is extraordinarily meaningful in itself.
  1. The wedding ceremony is just the ritual that establishes and honours the commitment, and makes it legal. And the wedding reception is a way for you to celebrate your commitment with family and friends and share your joy.
  1. Make it special not expensive. If you are getting married and have decided to plan a wedding, you might as well enjoy it. Focusing and stressing over every little detail of the wedding is not only exasperating but can also over stretch your finances – instigating many arguments once the honeymoon is over.
  1. Make it meaningful for the both of you. Focusing on what is truly important – your union. If you can’t, make it really special – elope!
  1. Last minute jitters? A Healthy Women Study at the University of Pittsburgh says that “happily married women and single women have healthier profiles than divorced or unhappily married women”. The study defines “healthier” as less likely to develop “metabolic syndrome,” which is linked to health risks, especially heart disease. In a separate study about married men, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that the more frequently men talk to their wives, the less their arteries clog, and the healthier their hearts are.
  1. Communicate with your partner throughout planning your wedding. You are both likely to, according research- be happier and live longer!

“Wedding planning is not about how to put the whole event together. It is about how to keep yourself together, how to stay close to your groom, how to be loving yet set boundaries with your family….”

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