For our experience of Life to be Whole, we need to become aware of the different aspects of wellness: personal mind, body, emotions (including emotions towards others in our life and our closest circle – our famiy, and our work life) as well as the personal space we live within, our home; and the external space, the environment, our planet and our relationship to its resources including energy, animals and plants (and other people).

Mindful Holistic Living blog encouraging the awareness of these different aspects which bring our life into alignemnt, allow us to live in harmony towards living it to our fullest potential.

A balanced ‘holistic life’ is the result of adopting a wholistic bird’s eye view and approach to self-development. Cutting lose any ties that hold us back, frees our energy and redirects our focus towards our individual responsibilities enabling us to target what we wish to create in our life instead. It gives freedom for new possibilities to rise and, it follows, for new directions to act upon. Consequently, we are not stuck, but in the flow of life and making progress or evolving to the next level of awareness (this extends to s space awareness, nature awareness, physical abode awareness and importance of pleasure in our lives).

Holism, from holon – ‘whole’ + -ism, is a term coined by, psychologist and philosopher,  J. C. Smuts in the 1920’s to ‘designate the tendency in nature to produce organized “wholes” (bodies or organisms) from the ordered grouping of units’; suggesting that parts can only be understood in relation to the whole. The ‘whole’ is not merely an assemblage of the ‘parts’; and also where the ‘parts’ are pliable by and moulded by each other.

In my upcoming book, Ketheric Well-being: The Four Dimensions of Change, I write more about holisitc self-awareness. Holistic self-awareness is a broad spectrum that includes nurturing the Body (B), registering our Emotional response (E), exploring the workings of our Mind and beliefs (M), holding ourselves Accountable the actions we take (A); being mindful of our relationship to Nature, the great outdoors (N) and the Space within which we live ,our home, office, or immediate environment (S). I refer to it as BEMANS. All these aspects are interlinked, and overlap; as petals of flower, helping us create a beautiful life which we can enjoy.