April’s Fool: Was the joke on you?

A friend of mine and colleague recently started a new blog and named it The New Reality; about Monthly channelled messages from Spirit.

I was wondering why she had changed the blog title, which was long known as Life Path Guidance, when after having read her recent post, it suddenly dawned on me that we are indeed experiencing a new reality!

The past reality of trying too hard, muscling in, side-hustling, or achieving materialistic goals and rewards without engaging the higher awareness of our purpose, actions and thoughts; is truly over. If we do not know who we truly are, how can we live the life we desire? I’m reminded of a favourite quote “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

You have to only speak to your friends or family to realise that most are going through tough changes that manifest in various ways: suffering from recently developed aches and pains, enduring chronic ailments or symptoms without any significant improvement; or that the life style they were used to for so long suddenly seems to no longer work, or that they find themselves forced to resolve issues that have been masked and not dealt with for a very long time.

The reason is that we are all energetically “going through the eye of the needle” where you can’t pass if you are carrying emotional baggage or distorted behavioural patterns that no longer serve you. If you, your mind, emotions and actions, are not in alignment with who you are, nor with what you are trying to create.

This is not just happening, on a personal level, or in isolation. Simultaneously, we are also experiencing certain “quickening”, one where if you truly desire to sort your life out, you will reap the rewards of your efforts quickly. Through self-awareness, and standing in our own truth, lessons can be learnt quickly and then we are able to move forward without the need to suffer for long!

Moreover, planet Earth is also going through similar energetic changes. Time seems to pass quickly, weather changes are unpredictable, the impact of climate change, as well as sustainability, can be felt quickly.

From my perspective, it feels is if our lives have been given a good shaking to discard all the rust off – the outmoded patterns and beliefs that are longer useful, and Mother Earth is letting us know, in no uncertain terms, the consequences of the ignorant and unnecessary raping of her resources.

Without being aware of what is happening, how can we then make the required changes to overcome what we are going through? April or not, without engaging our awareness on daily basis, we’d be the fools and the joke is on us.

Happy Easter everyone.

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Sahar Huneidi-Palmer is a Holistic Therapist & Personal Mentor, author and columnist; helping her clients achieve the life they are meant to live since 1992. She's passionate about demystifying the abstract & loves Turkish coffee!


  1. Sad but true, brilliant article,I’m going to share with family and friends scattered around the globe.
    Thank you Sahar 🙏

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