Are you Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis & Chronic Depression?

Normally any condition will take time and a face to face meeting to really figure out the specific issues and what is behind the symptomology. 

But to give you a quick scenario, I would say St. John’s Wort first, not because of the depression but because the depression would indicate there is a viral piece in this puzzle and the St. John’s Wort is one of the strongest antivirals available in the herbal world. Its secondary effect is for depression, but interestingly depression concurrent or shortly after the onset of an illness is an indication that there is a viral origin.

Secondly, any inflammatory GI condition requires three steps – reduce inflammation (normally Hemidesmus, Boswellia, Chamomile and Liquorice work really well), then remove any offending substances, i.e. viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, etc., as in our view these are the general reasons for starting the process. 

Finally repair, which would include really looking at your adrenals since they modulate inflammatory processes in the body. That explains why inflammatory processes are made worse by stress.  Also, repairing the gut lining, to eliminate any leaky gut issues, and to restore normalized flora production. 

So, that is my recommendation. My clinic in Boston handles at least 5 cases each week of inflammatory GI issues because we are the largest colonic hydrotherapy clinic in New England as well. There are definitely things you can try, but I highly recommend finding a great naturopath or homeopath and getting some direction. They are trained to work with your condition and to be able to assist you through the healing process. Just remember that it is a process…

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