Feeling Lush: My Top Favourite (vegetarian No animal-testing paraben-free) Products

England, you should be proud.

My favourite Lush products Image copy right Sahar Huneidi

I came back from my summer holidays and found a wonderfully thoughtful and deliciously smelling present from my husband – a personal care kit that he’d put together for me having read about Lush products in main stream media – not that he usually reads the Life Style sections!

It was a thoughtful gift because for the past few years, I have been on a quest, regularly trying several natural organic and chemical-free products (including perfume), to find the right natural paraben-free products to replace the usual chemical cosmetics and skin care products that I use daily.

Waiting for me on my dressing table, was a small tub of Lush Sleepy Lotion Body cream, a bottle of The Greeench deodorant, and a bottle of Silky Underwear powder (which sounds naughtier than it really is!) and a beautifully executed booklet entitled “The Preservatives Handbook”

I quickly applied some the sleepy cream, and went off to bed (this was an irresistibly luxurious lilac velvety cream, with a velvety feel when applied to the skin – and equally great smell too).

The next morning my husband asked if I had slept well; not a strange question since it usually takes me 2-3 hours to wind down and go to sleep – the opportune time for thinking and soul-searching in the peaceful quietness of the night). “In deed I did!” I answered. Unknown to me, had also sprinkled the Silky Underwear powder onto the bed sheets – and, the combination seemed to work! “But, it’s not just an old wives tale because the benefits of lavender are supported by both the NHS and National Sleep Foundation

I picked up the deodorant powder bottle in disbelief; because I doubted if a sprinkle of powder would work at all; let alone in the incredible heat of Dubai summer (until recently, in my mind, Lush stood for “luscious” Bath Bombs and soap bars). To my amazement it did a super job without leaving any white markings on my top; and not a whiff of underarm B.O. having tried it for several days!

My sister was impressed so we rushed to nearest Lush outlet and they were completely sold out – apparently globally. I am sure the attention it got in main stream media (see The Independent) has helped. Couple of weeks later, I tried my luck again, and lo and behold it was now in stock. So I bought the bigger jar, my favourite sea weed soap, a sunscreen powder, and asked for other product samples – which were not offered until one asks.

I am yet to try the shampoo and conditioner samples, but I really loved the Movis facial soap bar sample (not photographed here, since it is stays by the bathroom sink, but it really does look like a slice of Hovis bread loaf). It really cleanses the skin leaving it soft and supple (was strongly recommended by a customer). Not loving the sun screen powder so far, it does not apply over the skin easily (but I am not giving up yet).

So here are my tested and tried all-time favourite paraben-free daily products; as it says on the label, they are fresh, and handmade (the label on each product let you know who made them):

  1. The Greeench deodorant: included in my personal survival kit!
  2. Sea Vegetable soap: soft and moisturized hands, nails & cuticles guaranteed specially in dry hot and cold months (been using it for over 20 years).
  3. The Movis is a must for daily facial cleansing: (takes care of makeup removal too).
  4. Lush Sleepy Lotion Body cream: so sinful, but you mustn’t feel guilty.
  5. Silky Underwear powder: for the silky dreamy feel.

England, you should be proud.

Find out more about Lush charity pot and NO animal testing, vegetarian products.

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