I Don’t Like What I see In The Mirror

How can I recapture my radiance?

“I am 47 years old and when I look at myself in the mirror I don’t like what I see. This getting older business is no fun! I exercise and eat healthily but it’s as if my body no longer responds to my commands. When I was younger I could go to bed late or eat badly and I would bounce back looking fresh no matter what. Now it’s harder and I simply look tired and feel less desirable. How can I recapture my radiance?” Karima Ayoub.

Dear Karima,

Are you looking at this form the right perspective? Most of us think that getting old is a disease it’s not. It’s part of the process of life where each stage or cycle demands that we prepare well for it in order to meet its demands and make the most of it.

Is your personal fitness regime a holistic one? Have you considered the relationship between your mind and your body? Recent study by Harvard instructor Dr. Sara W. Lazar, and fellow corroborator, Dr. Herbert Benson – the Mind Body Medical Institute Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, has shown that “mediation can help to increase brain function, reduce the effects of aging on the brain, and improve concentration and memory”. This is not all.

The study also showed that the brain was physically affected and changed because of the practice of mediation where the prefrontal cortex increased in thickness; contrary to what should happen as the brain ages. As humans live longer than ever before, keeping the brain in good shape has become even more important. So, add meditation to your personal fitness programme!

Now, let’s consider your food intake. You eat healthily yet your body is not responding as well as it could do. US Naturopath, and co-owner of the Lily Hill Farm, Penny Kelly, author of From The Soil To The Stomach, Understanding The Connection Between The Earth And Your Health, demonstrates how the right food and diet can be healing, and sometimes, even produce instant healing results “. According to wiseowlhealth.com, our soil today is “55-85%less nutrient rich than 60 years ago. Even organic fruit & veg are 5-10 times less nutrient”. So, consider complimenting your food intake with food state supplements; such as magnesium for cell-to-cell communication, and selenium for its essential antioxidant properties.

Finally, are you enjoying the outdoors as much as you did when you were young? We easily forget that our bodies are charged by nature, and get depleted if we are closed up indoors. As the weather gets cooler, consider spending as much time outdoors as possible; and with the new corniche walk along Jumeira beach- that should not be a problem!

Develop a holistic personal fitness regime.

Karima’s goal

  • revisit food quality & compliment with food state supplements
  • mediate
  • spend more time outdoors with nature.

Meditation can be a big word for some. Start simply by sitting quietly, closing your eyes, and breathing in through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth; for ten minutes. Meditation, followed by time outdoors. Afterwards, you can build up to doing yoga, I recommend yoga at Yoga Square; or Tai Chi- a form moving meditation- both can be practiced outdoors. To encourage karima to try something new, we found www.yogasquare-me.com who have a promotional offer for new members: 99 AED for ten consecutive sessions.

The Idea

Could the food Karima eats be not nutritional enough to sustain the vitality and radiance she is after?

The answer

Food state supplements from www.wiseowlhealth.com

The doubt

Karima was sceptical about adding food state supplements as he has been keeping a healthy food regime. About 30 years ago there was, perhaps, the most important breakthrough ever in nutritional science and a unique generation of supplements was developed. This revolutionary process became known as Food State (natural nutritional supplements). Most supplements available are found in a synthetic, isolated form of the nutrient. ‘Food State’ supplements provide nutrients as close as possible to natural foods and importantly, exist within a food matrix of real contributing edible parts of natural food. In this form the body recognises the supplements as food, so absorbing them readily and ultimately delivering them more efficiently than synthetically processed ‘non food state’ nutrients. They are natural nutritional supplements.

First published Oct 2014, New You Magazine

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