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Katrina Valente – Internationally recognised as one of the world’s top beauty and facial consultants is increasingly empowering women by changing their perception of their relationships

Rated in a recent edition of Harper’s Baazar’s magazine at one of the top 4 therapists in the world, when you meet Katrina for the first time something special happens…the passion she has for helping others slowing overcomes you. It’s like a very soft and calming blanket that slowly wraps around you. It’s a very special feeling.

Katrina has a deeply relaxing elegant and graceful style. After a short time you feel you have known Katrina for years. Her voice is calming and effortless yet all the time she effortlessly applies all of her training and experience to make the time she spends with you very special.

The ability to make a person look younger than they are is a much sought after skill in today’s modern world. There is increasing pressure to “take the years off”. There are numerous creams, potions and regimes all promising to turn the clock back. But what really works? Well Katrina Valente is living proof that there are regimes that do work.

Everybody that meets Katrina Agrees… she is living proof that she walks the walk as well as talks the talk. Anti-Ageing arouses Katrina’s passion as she is sure she knows and can teach others how to combat the results of ageing.

Katrina “it is of paramount importance to keep ourselves fit and healthy as possible as we age. Ageing is but a state of mind and we do not have to subscribe to the aging process.  Your biological age is merely a number…it does not have to be your destiny…”

Katrina Valente’s signature facials have for over 15 years been consistently delivering all of the above…but there is more.

Katrina is a world-class facialist as a world-renowned magazine reported.  Here is why. Katrina blends her very own mix of Facial, Colour and Crystal therapies to help her clients achieve inner peace to radiate their inner beauty.  She harnesses and enhances the clients own energy to deliver outstanding results. And it all starts with …

What’s your intention?

Is it to:

  • Look years younger?
  • Minimise the lines?
  • Reintroduce the level of firmness of skin that used to be there naturally?
  • Achieve a healthy looking glow or radiance?

A consultation with Katrina begins with her putting you in control and using your own energy to help you. Each session she asks “What do you want from this session? What’s your intention?”  You can tell from depth of the question this will be no ordinary facial.

From this intention Katrina will apply her talent, and as you can read from what other say about her you will no doubt agree with them she has an unquestionable talent, a gift you might say.  Over the past 15 or so years Katrina has honed her intuitive skills with several spiritual journeys of her own, and if you are lucky enough to be able to book her you will come to understand that there is someone special in front of you who is very knowledgeable, gifted and there for you.

Katrina matches treatments to suit the individual’s needs, to get a truly unique and life transforming result. She offers

  • A range of nine  specialist therapies  including Shamanic Reiki, Colour Therapy and Eminence Organic Facial
  • Comes highly recommended by Six Senses Spa’s …
  • The highest level of client feedback…100% satisfaction
  • An almost unique ability to fit effortlessly and with grace into any team
  • A proven track record of regularly delivering the highest booking rates of guest therapists

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The best facial & beauty expert in the region

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