Life Coaching: The Choice for The 21st Century

Research has proven that Life Coaching contributes greatly to one’s success and self-discovery, but the ultimate decision is yours.

I’m sure that most of the readers of this article have a vague idea of what life coaching is. But for those who aren’t sure – a life coach is a trained and skilled professional who works with clients by offering a completely fresh approach to therapy, or counselling.

A coach helps the client by working closely with them to identify their inner goals, which is followed by a well thought out and realistic plan to achieve them.

We as humans are ruled by our feelings and emotions that can either make us, or break us. As such external forces that hold us back diminish our self-worth and throw us off the real track we want to be on constantly influence us. These influences vary so much, that listing them would fill up most of this page, but here are some examples: colleagues at work, your boss, teachers, the adverts on TV, your so called friends who put us down, your partner as well as your family.

The worst and most effective factor is yourself.  People tend to believe the worst things that are said about themselves, and that’s exactly what goes wrong. Luckily a coach is out of this monotonous and negative circle. As such they are able to see you and your life objectively and without judgment.

How Life Coaching Can Help

There are many areas that coaching can help in – relationships, parenting, career, health, stress management, weight loss, time management as well as productivity improvement at work. Coaches are trained to listen and pick up on key words that you may never think much of, they ask the right questions that can help you not only open up, but rediscover yourself in a fresh and promising way and bring out what you really want to do with your most precious asset – your life.

I, like most of you, was quite unfamiliar with what Life Coaching was all about. After university, I worked in various industries around the world. I worked in sales, trade, oil & gas, distribution and marketing. As the years passed on, I realized that I am meant to do something that I’d enjoy wholeheartedly.

From a young age, people fascinated me. I loved discovering and learning all I could about them, and always boosted their self-esteem for fun. I read self-help books that magnified the human potential, and authors like Dale Carnegie grew to be my best friends. Naturally this innate thirst guided me to discover a new career. I considered counselling as an option, but Life Coaching offered a new angle that I truly identified with.  That angle is believing that we are all fully capable beings who CAN and WILL achieve anything we put our minds to.

Research has proven that Life Coaching contributes greatly to one’s success and self-discovery, but the ultimate decision is yours. We are living in a time that people are becoming more and more aware of how powerful life coaching is, so please stop thinking that it’s only for celebrities. In fact, it is so powerful and effective that multinational blue chip companies are using coaches to improve productivity and streamline their human resources for the 21st century.

Remember, your stars may be aligned, your horoscope may promise you prosperity and the sky may indeed be blue – but you will have no re-action without action. Make that first small step towards reaching your highest goal, and give coaching a chance to change your precious life for the better.

© Coach Taymour,