Quick Guide to Finding Pleasure in Your Life

relax into “the game of life”

If you think of life as an “interactive game”, without taking any of it personally, it allows you the opportunity to learn how to reflect, adapt and recover more quickly each time your experience struggle or being stuck.

Instead of wondering “why is this happening to me?” ask yourselfwhat is life showing me?” This is a small shift in self-perception: from a victim of circumstance to an accountable co-author of your life. You can see this as the difference between being a passenger in a car and the driver. If you like, you will learn how to direct your life in the same way that you have command over your car, and determine your destination.

And, once joy comes into play, you’ll relax into “the game of life” and living would not be a struggle but an interactive pleasure – a master’s play at making things happen. Every struggle becomes an opportunity to “update” your belief system, your outlook on your life, and hone your impulsive emotional reactions.

If what you yearn for achieving “big” personal goals, then work on increasing the amount of joy and pleasure in your life.

Here is a simple guide to pleasure: What activities do you enjoy? Make a list and work towards spending increasingly more time doing what you enjoy. In other words, first, “get into the zone”, and then work on staying “there” longer.

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