The Journey: 2-Day Seminar with Brandon Bays

Deep inside us all, a huge potential beckons, waiting to set you free

I love to travel this weekend, unlike most others, I was embarking on a journey, but this time it was ‘a journey’ with a difference!

Bays, is a personal development guru promotes her practice of an extremely powerful process called the Emotional Journey. This simple step-by-step process works directly with unresolved ‘issues’ perhaps ones that have been nurtured for a very long time.

Lavender, geranium and other calming essence wafted through the air in the lift, as I rode up to the third floor for the start of my two-day seminar with Brandon Bays. I sat in the room at the end of the second day with 185 other people, who by now were more to me that strangers and misfits of society who needed help. They were people just like me, people who wanted more from their lives.

Over the two days these people had touched me with their bravery. These people had been willing to look the tiger in the eye, all for the sake of finding something better. For this had been no place for the faint hearted.

My heart pulsated with the joy of being alive. I had set out on this journey to find something and I had found it. My whole body tingled with anticipation of tomorrow and the next day and the day after that; in fact, with anticipation of really living the rest of my life.

I looked around the room. Had it been freshly painted over night? Were they using more spectacular lighting now? Were they secretly pumping ‘happy gas’ into the room? Everything was alive, magnified, animated. There was clarity in everything my eyes met.

I sat there with my armored guard and emotional blocks that my life had come to depend on, completely washed away. Tears were welling in my eyes. Not my initial tears of sorrow, despair and confusion I had shed on the first day of this seminar, but tears of pure joy.

I had this urge to leap into the air, stretch my hands high and sing aloud at the top of my voice all at the same time. For once, I didn’t feel the need to ask myself why, to analyze the situation or ponder the repercussions. I just let it be.

As Brandon Bays had told us all weekend long ‘Deep inside us all, a huge potential beckons, waiting to set you free. This presence is calling you home right now.’

I was home. I was free!