The Writer’s Journey To Inspiration

What is a creative coach?

Julia’s journey in publishing started about 20 years ago, and includes working with Element Books, Penguin and Random House. Her track record includes UK no 1 and international bestsellers.

She is now an independent Publishing Consultant and Creativity Coach; and author of: The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication:

  • In our previous interview in PS, you said that you are “passionate about the creative process as an expression of life and Truth.” Can you explain further to our listeners what do you mean by that?
  • During my consultation sessions, I almost always make my clients aware that: creative energy, love energy, and money energy are one and the same, and that Creativity, love and money are interrelated. These three channels represent different aspects of the vital energy that we are connected to from birth, and that for a balanced holistic growth, we also need to explore and develop our creativity. Can you please explain to our listeners What is a creative coach?
  • Julia, we first met I attended your workshop, The Writer’s Journey, at the Inner Potential Centre last. It was highly recommended by several of my clients whom I encouraged to attend, and in turn they thought I should go and experience it for myself! I did, and it did help to not only clarify my mind about the book I was going to write, but also to pin point it unique selling point. I found your book an easy, honest, and down right practical guide for those who are serious about getting their work ‘out there’. For our listeners who are not familiar with your book, can you tell us what is it about?
  • And who would use your services?
  • Finally, one thing that life has taught you?

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