Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is rooted in Chinese philosophy & clinical experiences

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originates from the medical system of ancient China. The system has its root in Chinese philosophy and clinical experiences. During more than 2000 years of continuous developing, Chinese medicine evolved into a holistic approach to understanding life, human life, health, and disease. Prevention and treatment methods are natural and safe.

T C M is a totally different medical system from Western system. In China, it is practiced parallel to western medicine, and is the conventional medical system. Because of the different approaches and holistic understanding, T C M works well for many conditions when western medicine fails to deliver positive results.

To meet the increasing demand of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine (Affiliated Teaching & Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University-UK) has created a variety of series of educational courses.

Dr. Songxuan Ke  MB, MATCM, MBAcC, FRCHM – Pricipal, Programme Leader of Acupuncture Course

Dr. Fanyi Meng, MB, MM, MATCM – Chief Clinical Supervisor, Programme Leader of Chinese Herbal Medicine

For specific course details, please contact the manager.
For individual training, please consult Dr. Fanyi Meng.
Tel.: 020 7272 6888, Fax: 020 7272 1998,, @AsanteAcademy

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