What Is A Holistic Lifestyle?

“Holistic life”, is about being aware of the parts that make up the whole of your life; it is about the inter-connectedness of those parts.

Holistic awareness is:

  • “the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
  • the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.”

In my view, for our experience of Life to be whole, we need to become aware of the different aspects of wellness; mind, body, emotions, work life as well as the personal space we live within, our home or office; as well as the external space, or the environment within which we life – our planet and our relationship to its resources including energy, animals and plants (and other people).

It is the awareness of the interconnectedness of all these aspects that can not only enrich our life’s experience, but also help us achieve a holistic balance of well-being and a (w)holistic way of living.

My own approach gradually developed to a “wholistic” one, where self-awareness included nurturing the body, mind, and registering our emotional response as well as the actions we take and holding ourselves accountable to taking them. I started realising that this alone was not enough. In addition, we needed to take into consideration the space we live within; both internal and external because it shapes us as we shape it!

Body awareness, includes diet, lifestyle, and physical regime. Emotional awareness includes observing the way we react, or don’t react, to events and realising what their trigger is. Mind awareness includes developing our intellect, opening up to new horizons, and continuously “upgrading” our belief system as well as being aware of our subconscious beliefs (and how it is formed – whatever we consciously ignore, forms our subconscious!) and dreams.

Awareness of our actions means holding ourselves accountable to the consequences of what we say, or do; and very often what we don’t say or do. Action-awareness includes learning to listen to our inner voice and differentiating it from mind-chatter or the self-saboteur, and learning to be true to ourselves before we can be true to others or expect them to treat us likewise.

When we consciously develop our body, emotional response, mind, and accountability and environment soulfully; the result will exceed the total sum of the parts.

A balanced ‘holistic life’ is about adopting a wholistic approach to your development, using various tools that can help you in everyday life to maintain that body, mind, and soul balance – a recipe for a harmonious joyful 900future.

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