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Well-being is a state that affects our personal lives as well as those of loved ones around us

About 12 years ago, I discovered that my late husband and I were reading the same book, The China Study, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D., unknowingly, at the same time! This was unusual as we have always had quite different reading preferences. However, looking back, I can say that well-being was one area we had in common.

You can understand the reasons why. I was diabetic and hypertensive, and my husband was in his mid-fifties seeking to clean up his diet and strengthen his overall well-being.

Well-being is a state that affects our personal lives as well as those of loved ones around us. It has a domino effect such that when one family member starts, the rest will soon follow suit which makes it particularly easier to maintain the conscious lifestyle choices one makes as an individual.

Because of the diabetes I developed, after years of sedentary life style, when I spent most of time, sitting down at a table giving client sessions, and the gradual weight gain that comes with sedentary lifestyle.

A gradual change in diet began with the first decision, having become aware of their detrimental effects, to stop the three white poisons: sugar, flour and rice (to a diabetic, having two table spoons of white rice, is the same as having two table spoons of white sugar!)

We swapped white refined sugar, to brown unrefined sugar, white rice to brown, and white flour to whole grain/wheat germ brown flour. We also started making our own bread loaves, letting the dough rest for 24 hours before baking it (my late husband oversaw that department).

As we continued reading the book, we made further gradual changes. We swapped dairy milk to soya, and later to cashew nut milk, or coconut milk (having learnt that soya isoflavonoids are not so for the thyroid gland function). And then, we also started make “nut milks” at home since my friend, Hiromi Stone, sent me her recipe.

Afterwards, we began decreasing our intake of red meat, and eventually replaced it totally by fish; and so on (I stopped eating poultry few decades ago for personal reasons; but when you read the China Study you will also understand why).

The main idea was to limit animal protein intake to 10%, as the China study indicated. Our change in diet was not forged in stone; if we felt we really needed meat, we chose organic; or wild poultry.

When some might think organic produce is a hype, we personally noticed a tangible difference not only in taste but also in nutritional value, ease of digestion and overall well-being especially when we varied vegetables and fruits and had them in season.

Once our diet was sorted, it followed that we started reading the fine print on labels and noticed that even on superior quality food brands, ingredients such as modified starch, fructose and glucose where still used by the companies that produced them!

I once wrote to a couple of such brands, only to receive a reply saying they “were surprised by my remarks as they have never received such complaint”!

Ah, well, if you can’t change them, drop them (we also dropped fois gras and veal for animal cruelty reasons)!

Moving on. Deodorant containing aluminum was out, in came fluoride-free toothpaste, sulfur free shampoo, and paraben-free skin care. I also learnt how to make my own essential oil-based face serums and skin care products.

I am not saying that you should do the same. Follow your own counsel, check with your doctors; but do make a well-informed decision, and do not take anyone else’s word for it.

Awareness helps you make the right choices for you. Illness may still occur, anyway, in life, however, the right choices would certainly give a better quality of life, more physical energy, less lethargy; and even raise the body’s immunity to fight, if not overcome, the inevitable.

Stay well.

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